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Butte County Health Care Education Coaliton

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Home Page--Who we are and what we do

Single Payer 101--Some basics about Single Payer
History--of single payer and health care issues generally
Principles of Real Health Care Reform
News--excerpts of recent articles, with links to the full texts
Horror Stories--what the insurance industry does to people
Resources--op-eds and articles providing in-depth understanding of Single Payer issues, problems, and research from various sources, including leaders in the California Single Payer movement
Recommended Readings--books and articles to acquire and study
Book Reviews--more books you should probably read 
For Teachers--ideas for lesson plans and projects that allow students to understand health care issues and problems and allow them to form their own opinions.

Quotable Quotes--
from people who have thought about the issues 
Our Partners--organizations that share our cause    
Board Members--community members who provide leadership

Support Us--Educating the public about single payer issues costs money and requires time commitments from people who really care.  Check out this page to learn about how you can help.

Become a Member--of the Butte County Health Care Education Coalition

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What's New

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